Serba Monyet

Monyet= Kong
> Raja Monyet= King Kong
> Monyet Kumpul= KongRes
> Kerjasama monyet= Kong Kalikong.
> Biskuit Monyet= Kong Guan
> Monyet Nyanyi= Sing Kong
> Monyet Tua= Eng Kong
> Monyet Ngobrol= Kong Kow
> Perusahaan Monyet= Kong Si
> Pantat Monyet= Bo Kong
> Monyet Kaya= Kong Lomerat
> Monyet banyak duit= Cu Kong
> Kota Monyet = Hong Kong
> Monyet pamer barang= Ngong Kong
> Sungai Monyet= Me Kong
> Negara Monyet= Kong

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