HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN MALIK :: Twitter Worldwide trends 12 Jan 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN MALIK :: Twitter Worldwide trends 12 Jan 2012

Stand Up ☁

uaremycarrotStand Up ☁

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik ♡ Love this TT 🙂
▌▌▌Maria Allyssa Ü

MarieAllie_29▌▌▌Maria Allyssa Ü

It’s 12:30 am here in the Philippines so it’s official HERE that it’s @zaynmalik‘s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN MALIK! 😀 #OneDirectioner
Eilisha Katie Rose

ElishaTomlinsonEilisha Katie Rose

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik…..im pretty sure its the 12th tomorrow
Ainee Khan عيني خان

ainee_kAinee Khan عيني خان

Happy birthday, Zayn Malik! Hope you choke on your cigarettes/alcohol x x x
Vas Happenin'

NiallDarlingVas Happenin’

Tomorrow’s @zaynmalik ‘s birthday! Happy Birthday Zayn Malik ♥ love you with all my heart x
Maja Strzelczyk

maaay_usMaja Strzelczyk

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik (even though it’s still 11th Jan. here, in Poland!) @zaynmalik
Mrs. Tomlinson ♥

TakenByLouisMrs. Tomlinson ♥

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik …. se voce morasse na austrália né
Ms.Complicated ♥♥

SarahHearts1D_Ms.Complicated ♥♥

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik… ❤ If you want to break tables with me then… You know where to find me.. 😉
Nats Horan ♥

Live_Love_HoranNats Horan ♥

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik Even is not his birthday yet 😛
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik @zaynmalik !!!!!! i and btw today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day!!!! can u do my homework for me???
Bєℓℓα♥ ZαЧи ♏αℓιĸ

BelenaBiebsBєℓℓα♥ ZαЧи ♏αℓιĸ

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik, I have said that milion times *lebe* lol!


Es mañana pero no importa Happy Birthday Zayn Malik we love youuu! ♥
Jade Horan ♔

jadeeyatesJade Horan ♔

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending,awkward his birthday is tomorrow.
Safar Bieber

BiebersUnicorn_Safar Bieber

Trending Happy Birthday Zayn Malik a day before his birthday is like celebrating New Year a day early


Happy Birthday Zayn Malik still trending! aww i just imagine myself ALL DAY LONG in twitter tomorrow<3
Douglas Booth. 

coreyterrettDouglas Booth. 

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik. I hate you. Hope you get a new face for your birthday x x x x
teri hudson

TezzaHxteri hudson

Happy birthday zayn Malik for tomorrow
1D Fannies

TheBoys2Boston1D Fannies

Ok, well it’s not his birthday today.. but Happy Birthday Zayn Malik 😉 #Bring1DToBoston @Bring1DToUS #Boston
zeba :)

zebamalekzeba 🙂

Its already 12th in some countries, that’s what Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending. Yes I know, I’m a genius.


So ‘Happy Birthday Zayn Malik‘ is trending, where’s mine!!!?


It’s his birthday in some other countries,that’s why it’s trending. Even though it’s tomorrow.Happy Birthday Zayn Malik@zaynmalik
I’m glad that i can say “Happy Birthday Zayn Malik” i 6 hours and 30 minutes. lol
Daniela Dias

daneishotDaniela Dias

I’m just gonna wish him happy bday when UK’s hour mark January 12th. (about happy birthday zayn malik)
Jack Boorman

BoormanboyJack Boorman

So Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending? Why was Happy Birthday Jack Boorman not trending on my birthday. How rude..
Trends WW BOT

trends_ww_botTrends WW BOT

16:30: Is the iPad 3 #WeAllNeed Happy Birthday Zayn Malik #unforgettablefeelings #detectivesinrock Page 12 of 366…
Fleur Griffin♡

Fleur_DanielleFleur Griffin♡

Yes Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending but its already the 12th in some countries so stop pointing out the obvious!
It's Gotta Be Boobs♥

1Direction_BizIt’s Gotta Be Boobs♥

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik (That’s kinda awkward because we left the “for tomorrow” bit out.. )
DJ Voldy ▲

SwagonBiebsNutsDJ Voldy ▲

can you directioners try to get zayn to say happy birthday to me tomorrow .we have the same birthday jan 12th 😀 Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Harry Styles Fan ~

ItsHazzaStylesHarry Styles Fan ~

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik!
Clara ☺

OhMyZaynsterClara ☺

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik for tomorrow ♥

1DGotThoseEyesAYIISH ♕

Retweet if it’s Zayn‘s birthday now in your country.. 🙂 Happy Birthday Zayn Malik #VasHappeninDay


why is happy birthday zayn malik trending, its his birthday tomorrow not today!


LOL awks moment when happy birthday zayn malik is trending and its not even his birthday, + were gonna make a better trend than that..
Elise Garbutt

crazycateliseElise Garbutt

why the eff is happy birthday zayn malik trending? his bday is tomorrow the same as pixies, therefore happy birthday pixie should be trendin
Mrs Tomlinson

Bella_JaydeMrs Tomlinson

Zayn Jawaad Malik, born on the 12th of January 1993 at St. Lukes hospital, and tomorrow, he turns 19 ♥ Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! ♥
Sabrina & Emma

tomlinslutsSabrina & Emma

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending because it’s already his birthday in Asia guys 🙂
Boo Bear.

0phelie1DBoo Bear.

Ce moment étrange quand Happy Birthday Zayn Malik est en TT alors que son anniversaire est demain.
The way Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending No.1 worldwide and his birthday his tomorrow…oh well.
Lauren Gardner

LaurenJLSOritseLauren Gardner

i don’t really understand why ‘Happy Birthday Zayn Malik‘ is trending because 1D fangirls… HIS BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! lol :/
dewi bulan eka

dewybulandewi bulan eka

It’s already 12am hereee ! so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN MALIK @zaynmalik ! hope you have a GREAT birthday 🙂 twitpic.com/86185d
inês. ♕

zaynmalikpediainês. ♕

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik. Thank you so much for being an inspiration. We love you. ♥
Denice Vias ツ

snapxx18Denice Vias ツ

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik ! you can now officially brake tables with Liam !
Menna Paynlikson ☮

1DSexyVibeMenna Paynlikson ☮

lol, why’s Happy Birthday Zayn Malik already trending :’)?


Awkward how Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending and his birthday is tomorrow
Zayn Malik

ZaynMaliksWorldZayn Malik

Trending Happy Birthday Zayn Malik before it’s officially his birthday. That’s what #directioners do.. 😉
Zayn Malik

ZaynMaliksWorldZayn Malik

Tweet me ‘ Happy Birthday Zayn Malik ‘ I’ll RT some..
✞ мιℓєу cуяυѕ ♔

MileyShakesItUp✞ мιℓєу cуяυѕ ♔

The awkward moment when Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending and his birthday is tomorrow.
Z a h r a  ッ

VasHappeninJBroZ a h r a ッ

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik, although it isn’t even close to midnight here..
✔ Verified LMixer♥

LittleMixGib✔ Verified LMixer♥

Why is Happy Birthday Zayn Malik trending 7 worldwide? when his birthday is TOMORROW! #EPICFAIL


Happy Birthday Zayn Malik” is trending, it’s not his birthday today. “Happy Birthday Scrappy” isn’t trending & it’s his birthday TODAY.
Boris Malik

BorisMalik_Boris Malik

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik … For to tomorrow!
One Direction

onediretcionOne Direction

yeahh wishes 🙂 but Zayn‘s birthday is tomorro 🙂 Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Mrs Malik.

CristyLovato1DMrs Malik.

In some countries is already 12th, that’s why Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending 🙂
paulie ♕

Trendehpaulie ♕

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik – Even though it’s not officially your birthday until tomorrow in 99% of the world. @zaynmalik BREAK THOSE TABLES!
Zarry & Narry

5432_1DIRECTIONZarry & Narry

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik‘ lol can people not wait till tomorrow or..


Happy Birthday Zayn Malik‘ is trending, awkward how it’s tomorrow…
Oceane ∞

iCALIF0RNIAxOceane ∞

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik is trending (?). WHAT THE F*CK? it’s tomorrow …

JonasFairytaleIVANA ♡

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik, you’re hot.
Daniela Dias

daneishotDaniela Dias

happy birthday zayn malik” is already trending, even though it’s still January 11th
Chelsea :)

2010chelseaxoxChelsea 🙂

Is Happy Birthday Zayn Malik trending because of some countries already in tomorrow if that makes sense.. or..am I missing something..?
Kimberley-Ann Tan ♚

KimthawesomeKimberley-Ann Tan ♚

RT if you’re gonna shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN MALIK wherever you are, at 12AM UK time.
DJ Malik

loveformalikDJ Malik

Lyrics of the Happy Birthday Zayn Malik song “Hey Zayn, Vas happenin?” Looking at those beautiful eyes, those (cont) tl.gd/f69lkh
Tala Styles =)

Tala_loves1DTala Styles =)

Plz sign this —-> Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! We love you ♥ twitition.com/4kwia by @1Dtodubai
i Zayn ♥ Harry ,, )

JhunieGilMalik_i Zayn ♥ Harry ,, )

6 days nalang ! ,, Happy Birthday Zayn Malik @zaynmalik
Hi:)Im BlertaBieber♥

Jelena_SupPortTHi:)Im BlertaBieber♥

Happy birthday Zayn Malik
marta ♥

louisTs_fingermarta ♥

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! We love you ♥ twitition.com/4kwia by @1Dtodubai
DJ mαlik♕

wulanmamenDJ mαlik♕

#Twitition Happy birthday Zayn malik!!Xx twitition.com/g3azd
Mayoum Winchester♡

MAckles_Mayoum Winchester♡

Aww thanks love;* i love youuu more♡ @ThirtyFive_: @MAckles_ happy birthday zayn malik wife, enjoy it’s ur day xox. #loveyou♥.


@MAckles_ happy birthday zayn malik wife, enjoy it’s ur day xox. #loveyou♥.
Harriet ϟ

ivashappeninHarriet ϟ

#Twitition Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! We love you ♥ twitition.com/4kwia
Vas Happenin'?☺

SiskamleeeVas Happenin’?☺

XD Check this video out — Happy Birthday | Zayn Malik – Vas’ Happenin’ and X factor Moments | * Re… youtube.com/watch?v=sTeJBo… via @youtube

4 Jan


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